Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fat Tuesday Desserts!

In honor of Fat Tuesday, I have two indulgent recipes for you to try out, and they still are under 30 minutes and only take 5 ingredients or less!!

The first one is a Caramel Cookies and Cream milkshake.

1/4 cup cream
1/4 cup caramel sauce
1/4 cup crushed chocolate cookies
1/2 cup milk

  1. Whip the cream 
  2. Add in caramel sauce and whip it again 
  3. Add cookies, mix 
  4. Add milk, mix 
If you want a creamier or lighter milkshake, increase or decrease the amount of cream/milk to make it to your liking. For example, if you want it lighter, decrease the amount of cream and add more milk instead. 

If you want a cookies and cream milk shake, just remove the caramel. 

Image result for cookies and cream milkshake

The second dessert is a Rocky Road Parfait. 

1 4 serving size package of chocolate instant pudding mix 
2 cups milk 
1/2 whipped cream 
1/4 cup chopped unsalted peanuts 
1/4 mini marshmallows 

  1. Prepare pudding mix as according to the package using the milk 
  2. Remove 3/4 of a cup of pudding and mix in the whipped cream 
  3. Divide the rest of the pudding among as many serving glasses as you would like 
  4. Top with the whipped cream pudding mixture 
  5. Let it stand for 5-10 minutes until set 
  6. Top with peanuts and marshmallows 
Image result for chocolate parfait

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